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The Fund's News

05.28.24 The Bowls Development Fund is the new public name of our fundraising organization for bowls in the U.S., officially registered as the USLBA Memorial Fund, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit charity. This Fund provides financial support for lawn bowls projects and events across the country.


Visit our new website at to explore brief stories about Angel Gomez and Anne Nunes. Learn about the various projects and events supported by the Fund, and enjoy a whimsical piece about the unique community of lawn bowlers and why your support is crucial for the growth of the sport. 

And, of course, don’t forget to make a donation by check or via Debit or Credit Card, PayPal, and Venmo. You can now make single or monthly donations to support our mutual mission. Thank you!

Though we are separate entities, Bowls Development Fund works in close collaboration with Bowls USA.

Steve Nelson, President
Bowls Development Fund

New Name. Same Mission.

Logo mark

04.10.24 The Memorial Fund has undergone a rebranding to a new operational name, the Bowls Development Fund. This new name aligns closely with our core activities (bowls), mission (development), and primary objective (fundraising).

While the previous name served us admirably for many years, paying tribute to cherished family and friends, we recognized the need for a renewed focus to encompass the broad spectrum of our fund's endeavors. These include bolstering support for the National Championships, US Open, Team USA, coaching and instructional programs, travel grants for players, assistance to clubs, youth development initiatives, membership engagement, and resource provision, among others.

Rather than merely contributing to a fund, we advocate backing for its events and initiatives, which serve as the foundation for advancing and enriching the sport of bowls. Consider making a contribution today.

New Secretary for the Fund

Kim Davis, Secretary

03/10/24 We are pleased to announce that Kim Davis has been elected to the position of Secretary of the Memorial Fund. Kim has been bowling since 2017 and her home club is Coronado LBC in San Diego. She is also a member of Laguna Beach CA and Sun City AZ. With Kim's election, the Memorial Fund now has a full complement of 7 Directors - one from each division - and 3 Officers.


March provides a great opportunity for those who love bowls to make a contribution to the sport. Let's support and grow our beloved sport!

Ron Rollick
Steve Nelson, President

Memorial Fund Leadership

02/10/24 Thank You Ron Rollick! After four years at the helm of the Memorial Fund, Ron Rollick has stepped aside from the presidency to recharge and invest in other pursuits. We thank Ron for the time and energy he dedicated to move the Memorial Fund forward. During his tenure, the donation form now includes a QR code for contributions, large banners were prepared for display at major tournaments, the designation "Support Lawn Bowls" was employed as "doing business as". He laid the groundwork for encouraging donations via bequests or property and using varied intervals and frequencies for giving. As a thank you to Ron, let's give a shout-out to him by making a contribution.


Succeeding Ron as President is Steve Nelson, longtime member of Bowls USA. Steve has been a member and officer in both the Central and Southeast divisions, and is now living in Sun City, AZ.

Official Notification

The USLBA Memorial Fund, Inc. is the officially registered name of the organization, as detailed in the USLBA Memorial Fund Financial Disclosure from October 1, 2011 (*). In March 2024, the Board of Directors made the decision to rebrand the organization as Bowls Development Fund, the name that will serve as its "doing business as" designation. It is important to note that despite the change in working name, the organization's bylaws remain unchanged.​

*USLBA Memorial Fund Financial Disclosure, October 1, 2011​


The USLBA Memorial Fund, Inc., is a California Non-Profit Corporation and is tax exempt under IRS Section 501-c-3 with contributions being deductible to the contributor. The Fund is also tax exempt in California under Section 23701d-c-1.​Persons desiring to review the Fund's recent IRS filings, the IRS Letter of Determination, or the Fund's initial application for tax exempt status should contact the fund's Treasurer. Persons desiring to review the Fund's California Charities Registry data may search the Registry using the Fund's Registry Number CT0172182.

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