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Lawn bowls at sunset
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Who are lawn bowlers?

To some, we might seem a little crazy and eccentric, devoting ourselves to the seemingly simple act of rolling a bowl (not a ball) in the hopes of coaxing it to rest near a small white ball known as a jack. Admittedly, we're a group of more seasoned individuals, but our passion for bowling knows no age limits, as we welcome enthusiasts of all generations into our fold.


For some, bowling isn't just a game—it's a deep-seated passion, even an obsession among the most dedicated. It's a sentiment that's difficult to articulate until you've experienced it firsthand. Once you do, you'll find yourself drawn into its captivating allure, whether you're a casual bowler at a local club or a fervent competitor eagerly anticipating the next tournament.

Measuring for shot

Who supports lawn bowls?

Bowls is a game that remains relatively inexpensive, yet lacks government funding or corporate sponsorships to offset the costs associated with training, coaching, youth development, international travel for players, or hosting major tournaments. Consequently, major expenses fall upon players and clubs alike. Although Bowls USA and the Bowls Development Fund offer some support, additional funding is essential to sustain and grow the sport.

Who supports lawn bowls? It's simple. Lawn bowlers like you, driven by their passion for the game, draw from the satisfaction gained through playing and the camaraderie within the bowling community. Now, in a position to give back to the sport they cherish, they step up to offer support.

The Bowls Development Fund was established to raise essential funds, providing support and infrastructure for US lawn bowls programs and events held throughout the year. We deeply appreciate donations, regardless of size. Please consider making a contribution today. Thank you for your generosity!





as of March 2024

Officers and Directors:

President - Steve Nelson

Secretary - Kim Davis

Treasurer - Alexis Vanden Bos

Central Division - Aaron Zangl

Northeast Division - Doreen Alexander

Northwest Division - Debbie Tupper

Pacific Inter-Mountain Division - Ginger Harris

South Central Division - Jean English

Southeast Division - Rick Fitzgerald

Southwest Division - Candy DeFazio

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